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6 products

Welcome to UAK!

On this page you will find the official merchandise from the band "Out Of Control" aka UAK. UAK consists of 3 boys named: England, The monk and Beams. Englando and Munken stand in the front and spit rhymes, while Balken lays out their catchy melodies and EDM basslines. The group has been releasing music since 2014 - and at the time of writing (May 7, 2020) has just under 400,000 monthly listeners on their Spotify. The group was the most streamed Danish name in 2019, surpassed only by 3 international artists. UAK's biggest hit is currently. "Blessed" with over 10,000,000 plays. UAK best known for their dirty club tracks such as "3xK", "Suck Coke From Your Asshole" and "Snow White with the 7 Little Bags" - but the 3 boys have a lot more to offer than this. Ude Af Kontrol has received countless Gold Plates and awards over time, despite the fact that they have never received support from the radio. We are proud and happy to have UAK at FirstGrade, Denmark's largest Merchandise Portal.

G FirstGrade Quality Guarantee ⭐

All our prints are produced in Denmark and with environmentally friendly colors. The prints are applied individually by employees at our own warehouse in Kolding. In this way, we ensure the best quality and a satisfactory result every time.

Our Hoodies and T-Shirts are produced in Europe, Turkey. We visit the factory regularly, and make sure never to compromise on production.
We double-check the quality, the processing of the materials and not least the conditions for the employees at the factory. We do not call ourselves FirstGrade / First Class, for nothing - it is a name we always strive to live up to, in all conditions. Thank you for trusting us.

- Team FirstGrade

- If you do not know about Out of Control yet, then you can get a taste here: