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After 10 years of Youtube, our collective Gex finally launches his own elaborate Merch in collaboration with FirstGrade. The design has been 2 months in the making and is based on the graphics of a well-known energy drink. In addition, small Gex details have been added in the form of geckos that camouflage themselves in the design to add a personal touch.

⭐ FirstGrade Quality Guarantee ⭐

All our prints are produced in Denmark and with environmentally friendly colours. The prints are applied individually by Danish employees at our own warehouse in Kolding. In this way, we ensure the best quality and a satisfactory result every time.

Our Hoodies and T-Shirts are produced in Europe, Turkey. We visit the factory on an ongoing basis and ensure that we never compromise on production.
We double-check the quality, the processing of the materials and, not least, the conditions of the employees at the factory. We don't call ourselves FirstGrade/Første Klasse for nothing - it's a name we always strive to live up to, in all circumstances. Thank you for trusting us.

- Team FirstGrade