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8 products

8 products

This is the site of the official merch timeline, in cooperation with Firstgrade!

The timeline has been making videos on YouTube since 2016, and right now you have 56.000 followers on the channel. He's always ready for a flip or a dip in the water.

Amongst other things, the timeline is also heavily influenced by its origins and cultivates it itself.

You can buy T-shirts, hoodies, and shorts with the iconic backflip on. Perfect for throwing the coolest tricks in the trampoline park. The committee also includes two pairs of swimwear, which is suitable for a jump swimming pool, and for you who will have a dip on a hot summer day. These products, of the best quality, are made for those of you who are watching, as the Time Line wants to give something back to its many followers.

Share your merch on Instagram and take @Tidzlingen.